An indigenous-owned Australian business with global aspirations, we service the technology-powered business needs of enterprise and government organizations to fund and support our people’s aspirations to employment, training and business opportunities. We create these learning opportunities and meaningful pathways for the indigenous community, while enabling them to work out of their cultural lands.


We are all about “Business Evolution” over “Business Transformation”, “Customer Centricity” over “Product Centricity”, “Experience Level Agreements” over “Service Level Agreements” and “Value Co-creation” over “Technology Collaboration”.

Our approach is to first understand a client’s unique market value proposition, current market challenges and strategic business objectives that will help them better serve their customers and operate profitably. Our purpose-built business solutions are always an outcome of what’s needed to meet these objectives with their “purpose” at the core of any solution strategy.

Driven by our belief that “The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts”… our Global Partner Ecosystem - the crux of our unique value proposition - is built on collaborative, responsive, equitable, inclusive and respectful channel and vendor relationships.

To support our WHY, we have cultivated a roster of supportive, like-minded and credible organizations (guided by Supply Nation®) to help us maximize participation from indigenous employees (preferably) from their cultural lands. While our channel partners make their customers more competitive and profitable, we help stimulate much-needed skills development for our employees’ career progression, in turn enriching the lives of their families and the indigenous community at large.


We endeavor to simplify your life by tidying up your to-do list. From the unglamorous grunt work of identifying the most appropriate, robust and secure technology solution for your business problem to delivery and lifecycle management of the solution, we strive to bring much-needed sanity within the noisy and complex IoT/AI ecosystem.

As a solutions aggregator, ours is an ecosystem-powered business, delivering cutting-edge digital technologies and experiences through a “team of teams” approach. Businesses extract value from these engagements by creating new revenue streams, increasing productivity, improving time and cost efficiencies, delivering a better customer experience and automating business processes.

Our customers are channel partners looking to reinvent themselves or requiring guidance to support their customer’s evolution from today to tomorrow.

If all this means “fresh” or “new” to you, we welcome the opportunity to serve you.


We are a curious group of tech enthusiasts, engineers, domain experts, business analysts, educators, and thought leaders who are obsessed with how cutting-edge technologies can shape tomorrow's business and community landscape.

Our team takes time to understand your business initiatives and align the best, unbiased technology solutions to drive the organization forward with deep, actionable insights gathered from real data.

Every member in our organization is committed to empowering Indigenous Australians and Torres Strait Islanders in improving their learning pathways, employment prospects and ongoing social development. Learn more about our Indigenous Heritage.


Michael Dickerson

Michael Dickerson

Chief Executive Officer

20+ years experience in IT/IoT Project Management

Deliver sustainable, scalable and innovative solutions and services to drive game-changing outcomes for organizations.

Rajiv Nair

Rajiv Nair

Director – Strategic Alliances

17+ years experience in IoT Sales & Partnerships

Nurture and thrive high-performance and sustainable ecosystems with global technology vendors and service partners.

Partner Ecosystem.