An indigenous-owned Australian business with global aspirations, we service the technology-powered business needs of enterprise and government organisations to fund and support our people’s aspirations to employment, training and business opportunities. We create these learning opportunities and meaningful pathways for the indigenous community, while enabling them to work out of their cultural lands.


We are all about “Business Evolution” over “Business Transformation”, “Customer Centricity” over “Product Centricity”, “Experience Level Agreements” over “Service Level Agreements” and “Value Co-creation” over “Technology Collaboration”.

We are committed to developing a premier, homegrown capability that will not only safeguard our country against current cyber threats but also establish a robust, enduring improvement in cyber defence mechanisms across the nation. Our strategy extends beyond immediate solutions, focusing on fostering a transformative change in cyber defence capabilities throughout Australia.

Moreover, our approach paves the way for a unique technological journey, accessible to all Australian school leavers. We place a special emphasis on inclusivity, particularly towards indigenous populations and individuals with neurodiversity, ensuring that our approach to cybersecurity is as diverse as the community it intends to protect. This commitment to diversity and education is foundational in our mission to build a safer, more secure digital future for Australia.

Driven by our belief that “The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts”… our cyber architecture will deliver national outcomes at multiple levels.


A national cyber defence framework.

As a solutions aggregator, ours is an ecosystem-powered business, delivering cutting-edge digital technologies and experiences through a “team of teams” approach. Businesses extract value from these engagements by creating new revenue streams, increasing productivity, improving time and cost efficiencies, delivering a better customer experience and automating business processes.

As a solutions aggregator, ours is an ecosystem-powered business, delivering cutting-edge digital technologies and outcomes through a “team of teams” approach. Upskilling cyber defence capabilities at a national level, while in parallel establishing technology pathways to bridge our national skills gap..

If all this means “fresh” or “new” to you, we welcome the opportunity to serve you.