Gambarra Security Services

From securely and conveniently signing onto services and applications, managing risks and compliance, automated responses to reduce complexity to maintaining software currency and preventing data loss our managed security services will fight new threats and safeguard your IT infrastructure from ever-evolving advanced threats.


As security threats evolve and threat actors become more advanced, so must the strategies used to protect your critical information assets. We invest in the most advanced technology platforms and recruits seasoned security analysts to manage the service portfolio. With us you can understand your current Cyber Security Maturity level and gradually work to build a stronger and more robust security posture.

Data Forensics

Data sets are increasing and becoming more complex in the capture and delivery of actionable insights when something goes wrong across the business. We deploy advanced forensic technology across your networks, that empowers corporate investigators to collect, process, triage, analyse and review large amount of data in actionable formats. This allows you to quickly and efficiently find the truth for legal, personnel, incident response and insider threat investigations.

Network Security

With the rise of hostile actors, businesses are struggling for visibility and actionability on threats as they traverse the network. Kalinda IT focuses on visibility to identify and act on issues across network infrastructure like misuse, unauthorised access and misconfiguration of network devices and services. We drive visibility across your network and respond to incidents as they occur.


How do businesses deploy and manage multiple sites without the need for complex systems to record, view and action physical security incidents as they occur? By focusing on a cloud first strategy, we remove the complexity of NVR and local based storage solutions which allows us to deploy insights to the edge. This will give you a single view for all items and sensors that are involved in access control.