Data Center and Cloud

Gambarra Data Center and Cloud Services

Our vendor-agnostic engagement addresses customers' needs at any point in their data center build, optimization and transformation.

Cloud Services

With the growing use of public and private clouds, it's not enough just for our customers to have a “cloud first” strategy. We ensure that this strategy is fulfilled with security as a core business enabler to safely managing workloads no matter the cloud. Delivering a single point of contact for our customers we are able to optimise all parts of their journey regardless of the stage they are at.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Many businesses are looking for on-demand infrastructure, that allows them to test and deploy platforms and applications fast. Our customers can do just that: use what they need, when they need it and scale back when additional services are no longer required. With us you can maximise your spend on infrastructure and services.

Platform as-a-Service (PaaS)

Development teams have now become a core area of focus for our customers as the evolve their business in this hyper competitive world. Kalinda IT and our vendor partners, allow you to consume a complete platform (hardware, software, and infrastructure) for building, managing and deploying application without the cost or complexity of building these services on premise.

Disaster Recovery

As the threat landscape is evolving, business need to plan for “what-if” issues that may occur across the business, for example ransomware attacks, phishing and malicious actors working to take data. We focus on business continuity of our customers ensuring that they have a remediation plan and process in place that is tested across their business. These services let you to work on mitigation and restoration in a timely manner that allows ongoing operation.


Many organisations implement backup solutions without thinking about the restoration process back to operating and business as usual levels. We focus on restoration of services that aligns with leading market backup providers. Kalinda IT takes these unknowns through testing and process to ensure you know how long these services will take to get back online.


Data is the new currency for organisations. Constant increase of data forces customers to focus on finding the right storage and the best management solutions to manage this growth. Our technology alliances and capabilities enable us to offer high availability storage and data management solutions, and to reduce cost, complexity, and risk.